Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate Gluten-Free 72% Cacao (35.3 OZ / 2.2 LB)


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dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

The Belgian touch

Every bite is a treat and takes you on a journey through the Belgian experience. Our rich dark chocolates have a natural luxuriously deep color, give you satisfying melting moments that last and offer a special smooth touch with fine ridges giving you the intense burst of flavor you are looking for.

Indulge in one of Belgium’s finest treats

Our rich dark Belgian Chocolates are made directly in Belgium and give you the traditional Belgian taste that we all love. We use only the finest of assorted ingredients and make sure that our products offer only what’s best for you and your body.

  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Vegan friendly, Keto friendly and diet friendly
  • 50% less sugar than the average milk chocolate bar
  • Actually made in Belgium
  • The Dark Chocolate Experts have brought to you the Best Dark Chocolate on the Market!

The Dark Chocolate Experts



Fine Ingredients

Intensely Rich Chocolate Flavor

Our premium Belgian Napolitains (Naps) are individually wrapped pieces of dark chocolate and provide a rich, intense chocolate flavor.


Good question. Our world-famous napolitains (or “naps”) are ridged on one side. This is no accident: the ridges expose your mouth to more of that rich 72% cacao flavor. So try placing the chocolates with the ridge side down on your tongue. Your taste buds will thank you.

Made With Finely Crafted Ingredients

Each piece is crafted according to age-old Belgian traditions at our factory in Ghent using only the finest quality ingredients.

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