Egyptian Dukkah Spice Blend from The Silk Road Restaurant & Market (2oz), No Salt | All Natural Dukkah Seasoning | Vegan | Gluten Free Ingredients | NON-GMO | No Preservatives


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Egyptian Dukkah Salmon Crusted in Blood Orange Sauce

Recipes with Egyptian Dukkah

Dukkah Crusted Salmon

Dukkah Fattoush Salad

Sweet Potato Fries Dukkah

Scallop Stuffed Squash Capesante Dukkah

Salmon Dukkah in Blood Orange Sauce

4Tbl Egyptian Dukkah, 4-6oz Sockeye salmon filet, 4Tbl + 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil, Tbl salt + 1tsp salt, 4oz spinach, 1 garlic clove, small, minced, 1tsp Lemon Juice (LJ), 4oz white wine, 4oz red wine, ¼C blood orange juice, Blood orange, segmented & membranes removed, 1lb butter, cold, cut

SALMON : Season salmon in Dukkah and salt. Heat heavy skillet until very hot. Turn heat to medium, add oil and salmon, sauté until golden brown, 3-4 minutes each side. Remove from heat, rest 2 mins.

GREENS : Sauté spinach in 1tsp oil, garlic & few drops lemon juice until slightly wilted, S&P to taste.

SAUCE : Simmer red & white wine and OJ on medium heat until slightly syrupy. Turn heat to high and whisk constantly while adding 1Tbl butter until all butter is incorporated, then remove from heat. Season to taste with salt & white pepper, use immediately.

SERVE: Spoon 2Tbl of sauce on plate. Mound with greens. Place salmon on top. Garnish with orange segments

Dukkah Fattoush Salad

1T Garlic paste (4:1 garlic:salt), 2t plain yogurt, 1t lemon juice, 1t+ 1T+ 1T Egyptian Dukkah, 3T extra virgin olive oil, 1/2C chickpeas canned, fried, 4oz zucchini, 4 scallions, 1/2C oil cured olives, pitted, 4oz roma tomatoes diced, 4 sprigs fresh mint whole leaves, 4 sprigs Italian parsley, 4 pita loaves (optional)

DUKKAH DRESSING : In food processor combine garlic paste, yogurt, lemon juice & Dukkah. Turn motor on, drizzle in oil slowly to emulsify dressing.

FATTOUSH : Fry chickpeas in hot oil until crispy, then set aside (just enough oil to cover chickpeas). Rub zucchini & scallions with a little dressing, then grill until slightly crispy. Chop into bite sized pieces. Toss together olives, tomatoes, zucchini, scallions, parsley, mint & rest of dressing.

PITA (Optional) : Brush pita loaves with XVOO & garlic paste. Sprinkle with a bit of Dukkah then grill to golden.

FINISH : Arrange salad on pita. Top with chickpeas & sprinkle with Dukkah. Or arrange atop fresh greens.

Sweet Potato Fries in Dukkah

2 Large Yams

2Tbs butter

1Tbs brown sugar

1Tbs Dukkah

Peel and dice 2 yams

Mix with butter, brown sugar and Dukkah, salt to taste

Roast uncovered at 350ºF until tender.

Scallop Stuffed Squash with Dukkah, Capesante al Forno

1 delicata squash, 4οz pancetta small diced, 2T butter, 1/2# scallops chopped, 2T Egyptian Dukkah, 8 sage leaves chiffonade, 1/2# chanterelle mushrooms, 1/2C Marsala wine, 1T clarified butter, 1t salt, 2T pomegranate seeds

Cut squash into 1” rings. Scrape out seeds matter; reserve four best rings. Peel & chop the rest into 1/2” cubes. Sauté pancetta in butter on medium-high until crisp; remove from pan and reserve. Sauté scallops in pancetta butter on high very quickly until half-cooked. Remove scallops, place them with reserved pancetta. Sauté sage & 1T Dukkah in pancetta butter until golden brown. Drizzle squash rings in butter, season with salt & Dukkah. In baking dish roast until tender(10mins). In pancetta butter cook squash until slightly tender. Add mushrooms, sauté 5 mins. Add reserved pancetta, scallops & marsala, cook for 5 mins; season with salt & 1T Dukkah. Fill squash rounds with scallops filling, drizzle with butter, then roast for 10 mins. Plate & top with pomegranate.

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Moroccan Harissa Egyptian Dukkah Restaurant Recipes Art of Cuisine

Our Story, Where it Began

Emmaus Road Restaurant

Perugia Old World Cooking Restaurant

The Silk Road Restaurant

The Silk Road Restaurant

Emmaus Road Restaurant

The Risho family spent decades perfecting global cuisine while cooking for their home town of Missoula, Montana.

Sam and Abraham Risho grew up as restaurant-kids, and learned the love of food from their father Ray, whose 45-year career as a chef focused on the anthropological study of world cuisine.

Photo from 1973 at Emmaus Road Restaurant. Sam Risho being held by his father Ray, Emmaus Raod owner and founder.

Perugia Old World Cooking Restaurant

In 1995, Abraham Risho, at 18 years old accepted an apprenticeship in his fathers restaurant Perugia, Old World Cooking. Where, at the same time, his eldest brother Sam perfected the intricacies of fine dining service, and especially old-world hospitality. After a short while, Sam led the restaurant as a responsible and fair General Manager, and Abraham filled his father’s shoes as Executive Chef.

Photo from 1997 at Perugia Old World Cooking. Owner and founder Ray Risho on the far right next to his eldest son, with Sam’s arm on his shoulder, and his wife Susie, and mother of Sam, Ephraim, and Abraham.

Abraham in ducking into the front row, third from the left.

The Silk Road Restaurant

After 20 years working in dozens of restaurants, the Rishos brothers together with Sam’s wife Elise, opened The Silk Road Restaurant in 2009 serving tapas-style cuisine with the tag line: A Global Tasting Experience!

The Rishos were instantly successful and quickly encouraged to share their passion (and recipes!) with the world.

Picture from 2011 at The Silk Road Restaurant. Sam Risho, front row center with his wife Elise, holding their first son Webber. To Sam’s left is Abraham and (at the time) his future wife, Caitlin. Far to the right are Ray Risho and his wife Susie.

The Silk Road Catering & Spice

After seven and a half years, these three Risho decided to retire the restaurant, and focus on their booming spice business, and continue their large catering operation.

Abraham, Elise and Sam are committed to a true Global Tasting Experience with every new endeavor. With placement on 600 store shelves in the Pacific Northwest and all over Canada, the next step is to bring these amazing flavors to you in new ways by partnering with restaurant and corporate chefs across the country.

And, don’t miss the cameo by little Raena, peeking behind her mom’s legs in the bottom of this picture!


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