Maple Hill Shelf Stable Whole White Milk 100% Grass Fed, Organic, Non-GMO: 12 Pack 8 Fl Oz Aseptic Milk Boxes


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Organic milk, integrity, healthy,  dairy




Milk, the way nature intended.

Maple Hill is America’s original grass-fed dairy. Our artisanal quality grass-fed organic milk is procured from pasture-raised cows on family-owned farms in Upstate New York. It’s our mission to bring our healthy, organic, and grass-fed dairy products to families across the United States.


Milk, humane, healthy, organic grass, nature

Milk, organic grass, pasture, nature

free from pesticides,no synthetic hormones, no GMOs, no artificial flavors, no preservatives.


The best milk comes from greener pastures. Cow’s bodies are naturally conditioned to eat grass. It’s only recently that humans have fed them corn, grain, and other foods that affect their health and the quality of milk they produce. Maple Hill’s cows eat only grass and have outdoor access year-round, just as nature intended.


We use regenerative agriculture farming methods. We grow our own organic grass and our cows graze from pasture to pasture fertilizing as they go. Our closed loop ecosystem enriches the soil and greatly reduces our carbon footprint as compared to conventional dairy farming.


Our milk is fully traceable and transparent from small family farms to cartons. When we say small family farm, we mean it. Our farms have an average of less than 50 cows.

Did you know that our Maple Hill dairy farmers are also grass farmers, too? The best milk comes from healthy cows that graze on organic grass grown using rich, fertile soil.



Organic Milk, Grass Fed, organic grass and milk, gluten-free, grass



Shelf Stable Whole White Milk

Great for!

milk, smoothie, coffee, creamer, dairy

organic milk, snack time,

organic milk, smoothie, healthy, dairy

Coffee and Smooties

Use as a frothy creamer for coffee or a velvety and delectable addition to smoothies. Grass-fed milk has a higher fat content for a creamier, delicious texture.

Snack Time, Anytime

Maple Hill’s shelf stable grass-fed organic milk is made to move. Perfect for snack time on the go, our 8 fl oz milk box fits perfectly into a lunchbox, travel tote, or gym bag.

Workout Recovery

The ultimate post-workout fix: grass-fed milk is an excellent source of calcium & a good source of protein making it great for after-gym recovery drink. Looking to hydrate? Milk is the most hydrating beverage.




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