Eating Out Without Breaking The Bank: Tips on how to find nutritious food without breaking your wallet

Eating Out Without Breaking The Bank: Tips on how to find nutritious food without breaking your wallet


Eating out can seem like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little bit of planning and research, you can find ways to enjoy delicious restaurant meals without blowing your budget. Here are some tips on how to eat out without breaking the bank:


Visit Discount Sites

: Sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and offer discounts for select restaurants in your area. Doing a quick search for coupons or promotional codes could save you a nice chunk of money!


Check Social Media Accounts

: Many restaurants post promotions and special deals on their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook – so be sure to follow them if they are offering discounts!


Kids Eat Free

: Some restaurants offer “kids eat free” promotions either at designated times throughout the week or with the purchase of an adult meal. Do a quick search to see if there are any participating restaurants in your area!


Look For Value Menus

: Most full-service sit-down restaurants offer value menus that feature cheaper meals for budget-minded diners. Be mindful though – these specials may not always be the healthiest meal options!


Skip The Alcoholic Drinks

: Alcoholic drinks will undoubtedly add a large sum to your dining bill – so save this type of beverage for when you have some extra room in your budget!


Request Tap Water Instead Of Bottled Water

: A simple request could easily cut down on costs without compromising quality or service – just ask for tap water instead of bottled water if available!


Go During Happy Hours Or Lunch Specials

: Many restaurants will offer discounted food items during happy hours or other lunch specials during certain hours throughout the day – take advantage of them as much as possible!


Split Meals Between Two People

: If you’re eating with someone else, consider splitting meals between two people instead of ordering one each—it’ll save both your wallet and stomach some room!

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