How to reduce time investment in food preparation?

Due to everyone having busy lives it is very important that we aren’t spending hours on end preparing meals that’ll take us under an hour to finish eating. Not everyone can free up the time to create meals that’ll take them a couple of hours to make, so many people tend to opt for takeout and/or frozen meal plans which can end up costly and unhealthy.

Ways to eat healthy but also little to no food preparation needed

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is 2020s popular food trend. By dedicating a day or a couple of hours to prep meals that’ll last you the whole week, reduces the time and food preparation throughout the week. There are many ways to food prep and many different dishes you can make that can are both delicious and healthy. Such as:

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  • Disassembled Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Siracha and Honey Glazed Meatballs
  • Beef or Chicken Burrito Bowls
  • Vegetable Curry
  • Shepherd’s Pie

Reduce junk food and swap out with healthy snacks

By reducing your junk food purchasing and swapping them out with healthy snacks, can ensure you that even when you have no time to cook, that you don’t go grabbing something unhealthy as a quick fix. This can be done by; Swapping packets of chips with apples, swapping decedent chocolate for dark chocolate, swapping frozen store-bought meals with prepped meals made by yourself, swapping lollies and sugar items with different kinds of fruits to replace artificial sugars with natural sugars

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Buying prechopped ingredients

By purchasing prechopped items can save you time prepping the ingredients, make sure when purchasing prechopped to stick to the fresh produce section of the supermarket instead of the frozen section. You’ll find the fresh produce section will have more nutrients in it. You can buy many ingredients prechopped, such as:

Whole foods chopped ingredient
  • Cauliflower, Kale, Onions, Salad mixes and Cold meats.

One pot meals

One Pot Meals were very popular back in the day and is more time efficient as you reduce the pots and pans you need to be watching out for and the number of dishes, you’ll need to clean up later. There are many interesting and great recipes out there for one pot meals, such as:

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  • Jambalaya Pasta
  • One Pot Goulash
  • Shrimp Chow Mein
  • Chicken Stew
  • Miso Soup

Frozen foods

When It comes to frozen foods, its not recommended to buy store-bought frozen foods but freezing your own foods and meals is much more preferred. This is due to store-bought frozen products tends to have little to no nutrients left in them whilst buying fresh produce and freezing them, leaves more nutrients. Try freezing ingredients like:

Frozen foods
  • Precooked rice or quinoa
  • Cut vegetables – peas, corn, broccoli for example
  • Fresh seafoods and meats    
  • Premade meals

Fast food has become so popular that many major fast food joints have made some healthier choices. Its okay to every once and a while, indulge into some fast food but not always. The problem with the healthy choices is that they are most vegan and vegetarian, which isn’t really appealing to those who enjoy meat products. It also can become very costly and get later, cause various health problems.


In conclusion, no matter what, you’ll still have to dedicate time out of your day to cook just as you must take time to sleep or to eat. To complete avoid food preparation time is inevitable and is something that scientist haven’t figured out yet, but one day, there will be no food prep and it will be fresh products.

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