Ice cream for adults _ liquor infused boozy ice cream

I went to Florida for travel, and I saw an Ice cream shop in a Shopping mall. I went to that shop, and amazingly there were no kids in the ice-cream store, but all were adults. I saw so many different kinds of liquor bottles, such as Scotch and single malt whiskeys on the wall. And when I ordered a cup of Ice cream, the store manager asked me to show ID to him. And then I realize “here is adult ice cream store!!”.

Liquor- infused Ice cream is a new trend in 2020 and these days. This “Bittersweet” taste is the same with our adults’ life, and too early and young for Kids and teenagers. Here are some recipes.

Haagen-Dazs launched New liquor-infused ice cream line

Haagen-Dazs, one of the biggest ice-cream brands in the world, launched the new boozy ice-cream line last year. Each product contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol per volume, and also you can buy this product both in grocery stores and Haagen-Dazs Ice cream stores.

Haagen-Dazs‘s Ice cream serving image
Haagen-Dazs’s Product line

I think they have brilliant diversity of flavors with liquor bases(Wine, spirit, beer) and different types (Ice cream sand, pound type).

5 Trendy stores which sell boozy ice-cream

Aubiramsa (Miami, Florida)

Personally, among the all boozy Ice cream stores that I checked, this store was most organized and decent. Also, you can taste very diverse flavors made with the finest wine & spirits, organic ego, and entitlement. And the taste was well balanced. The have five stores in Florida and one store in Las Vegas.

Aubiramsa’s Product line

Prohibition creamery(Austin, TX)

They are focusing more on “sprit based line” like we go bars and order a single malt to the bartender. Feels like more darky and deep flavor in their products.

Prohibition creamery‘s serving Image
Prohibition creamery‘s flavors

Tipsy scoop (New York City)

I can say “Tipsy scoop” is more like “Italian & Tropical” style boozy Ice cream and more citrus and fresh flavor in it. Actually, their family was from Italy a long time ago, and they have done a successful business in great Britain.

Tipsy scoop‘s product line

Amplehills (Brooklyn,New York)

My favorite ice cream store in Brooklyn launched but new Boozy Ice cream line, but I still love their original ice cream line more. But like they did an outstanding job in the past, so the taste is always lovely. They have four stores in Brooklyn, but they deliver their ice-cream line national wide include “Boozy breakfast.”

Amplehills‘s New boozy flavor

Clementines creamery (St, Louis, MO 63109)  

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery is an Ice Cream Shop in the Southampton neighborhood that serves small-batch ice cream. Their “Naughty” Line is the alcohol-infused product line, and they have handcrafted ice creams with various flavors.

Clementines creamery‘s hand craft Ice cream

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