The rise of Plant Based Food

With plant-based food including meat and dairy now more accessible in restaurants and supermarkets, we’re trying them out, and we like them!  Non-vegans and Vegans alike are buying meat-free and non-dairy products more than ever.  The industry is about to erupt! Plant-based food is not going away.

In this age of information, people are learning and researching about their bodies and what is best to put into it.  Whether you’re a junk food vegan, an animal advocate or just in it for the health benefits, one thing is for sure, Veganism is on the rise. 2019 was called ‘The Year of the Vegan’ and since then we’ve seen a huge increase of both full-time vegans, and vegan-curious people who are cutting out meat and going for plant-based alternatives.  According to the industry has taken note, and sales of plant-based meat could reach $1 billion in 2020. 

According to Global Harvest Initiative, the global population will soar by almost 9 million people. The future demand of such products will explode, and the industries have taken note.  Even some of the major meat producers have come on board and have designed their own products.  It’s a good time to be vegan with an ever-increasing product range and choice in both plant-based meat and dairy.

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Up until now, most plant-based meats have been soy based, sometimes with wheat or other grains.  Some contain heavy ingredients like seitan, (hydrated glute). Many Americans avoid soy and gluten for health reasons, so Beyond Meat’s successful recipe is much more appealing because it is made of rice protein, beet juice and apple extract, and canola and coconut oil. Its texture is second to none and many people who were tested could not tell the difference between their burger and a regular beef burger.   Consequently, non-vegans who are health and environment-conscious will be more willing to give it a go.  They can avoid heavy ingredients and have a burger for the sake of having a burger! But it’s not just Beyond Burger who are breaking sales records. Other brands producing plant-based meat that tastes like meat, include Impossible Burger, Tyson’s Chicken nuggets.  It’s not difficult to go out with non-vegan friends anymore. As a vegan you’ll always have options in restaurants and supermarkets alike. That’s right, the meat aisles in the supermarket also have a wealth vegan meat product! If you’ve been considering trying veganism, or even just cutting down on your meat intake, now is the time!

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Fast food companies are also taking steps to ensure they have popular pant-based options to offer.  McDonalds, KFC,  and Burger King all added new vegan options to their menus in 2019.  KFC claims it’s ‘finger lickin’ vegan options are winners and promote inclusivity.  McDonald’s have a bit of catching up to do in comparison, offering veggie dippers only as confirmed vegan friendly. Although Burger King’s Impossible Whopper is plan- based, it is not cooked within the criteria to make it a vegan option.

Vegans are going to be spoiled for choice in the supermarket and when eating out. Non-vegans now have more choice with which to experiment and cut down on their meat intake. All in all, it’s a ‘win win’ situation for consumers.

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The new wave of plant-based products is moving forward at speed.  Vegans, health enthusiasts, junk food vegans and animal advocates are all in for a treat in the coming years, as corporations listen to the demand and grow their businesses to suit their customers. Also, on the increase, will be the checking of ingredients by consumers as we learn to research what we eat with more care.

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