Why people are enthusiastic about spicy flavor

Some people love spiciness, some people does not. but these days people getting enthusiastic about spicy food and they even like to watch people eating spicy foods. so why is it happening ? let’s check

How can we feel the spiciness

The capsaicin component, which gives the hot taste of red pepper, is a kind of avoidance material originally made by plants to protect themselves. However, capsaicin is beneficial to humans. This is because capsaicin stimulates internal nerves to promote adrenaline and improve blood circulation.

When we eat chili peppers, our tongues ache and feel the spiciness. What we need to know here is that there is no spicy taste in human taste buds. Originally, the human taste is one of the reasons to get the information necessary to live. For example, bitterness identifies poison, and sourness is a means of identifying sour and sour foods. Sweetness is a method of determining the ripeness of fruit.

So what is the spicy taste of chili peppers we feel? Spicy is not a taste, and it’s more like light pain.
Capsaicin stimulates the tongue strongly to produce pain. The spicy taste of capsaicin is a form of pain. Once the tongue feels pain, the body actively moves its stomach to digest and decompose the chili, the source of the pain. Usually, this makes people more sweaty and drink more water
When the body uses various functions to neutralize and release capsaicin’s toxicity, the circulation of blood increases instantly and sweat forms on the forehead. The brain, which has determined that sudden penetration of capsaicin has caused problems in the body, releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones released by the brain that relieve fatigue and pain by performing strong pain-like, morphine-that is, the brain, stimulated by capsaicin, releases endorphins to determine and relieve the body from feeling pain in an unhealthy state.

As a result, people get a sense of intoxication and unforgettable pleasure thanks to the spicy taste. People are obsessed with the mana of red pepper, but if they eat too much at once, they will contract blood vessels. But reasonable amount might help to release the stress, at lease just for me it works.

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So How are the Americans are fanatical about spicy foods. : Hot ones, Yup DDuk Challenge

Hot Ones :One of most famous YouTube  channel with spicy food

Maybe you heard about YouTube Channel and TV Show that Host interviews with the guest(usually celebrities) and eating Chechen with Hot Sauce together.

Hot Ones is a YouTube web series, created by Christopher Schonberger and produced by We Feast and Complex Media. Its basic premise involves celebrities interviewed by host Sean Evans over a platter of increasingly spicy chicken wings.2)

The format involves Evans and his guests eating ten chicken wings (or an alternative if the guest is vegan), each prepared with a progressively hotter hot sauce. The first sauce presented is relatively mild such as Sriracha, which has a rating of 2,200 Scoville units. The final sauce (as of season 4), Hot Ones’ own The Last Dab (The Last Dab Reduxx starting in season 6, and The Last Dab XXX starting in Season 10), has a Scoville rating of 2,000,000+. After each wing, Evans asks his guest an interview question. As the wings get hotter, the guest typically begins to display the effects of eating the spicier wings and the interview becomes less focused on the guest and more so the struggle to finish the wings. The guests are also provided glasses of water and milk to counteract the effect of the wings

People watch this show more and more. I think the reason why they watch this show is this show can show the famous start eating hot wing and sweating, mad and even crying sometimes. Some people can not eat “That” Spicy food, So they enjoy to watch the show to feel  “endorphins.” Through other famous starts reaction. Someone just simply likes to see torturing other people and their painful face but I don’t think that is not the key to this show and situation.

Yup DDuk Challenge

image from veganandfood

Yup Dduk, a new Koreatown restaurant that specializes in ddukbokki – chewy, cylindrical rice cakes smothered in fiery red gochujang sauce – and where the logo consists of a chili pepper weeping what we imagine are spicy, spicy tears.  

Part of a popular Korean restaurant chain with two outlets already open in New York, Yup Dduk arrived in L.A. back in November. Since then it’s steadily gained a following for its pepper-fueled menu, the apex of which is something called the #KtownSpicyChallenge. What’s the challenge? It involves ordering the highest level of spiciness on the menu (the three tiers are Mild, Original and Challenge). We’ll fess up that we haven’t tried the Challenge level of spice yet, but even mild was far hotter than 90 percent of the dishes you’ll find in Koreatown, the type of head-throbbing spicy that lingers in your throat and makes you reach for another glass of water 3)

This spread out to the young generation who likes K-POP and BTS, but nowadays it is not for the person who likes k-pop Music. I think this is also part of “Spicy Food Trend” just combine with Authentic culture like K-POP. So What is next? we don’t know what is coming for next but there will be some movement or new trend about Spicy food. Because life is stressful and spicy food(a reasonable amount ) makes us ease from them even for a short moment of the time.

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