Healthy customize burger option in San Francisco /Eastbay (Raw asf)

Healthy customize burger option in San Francisco /Eastbay

Hi here is “My healthy food life”

Today we will experience a new healthy burger option in San Francisco /Eastbay. When you go inside a store, you can see a spacious dining area with an open kitchen. The burger is great and can not see a huge difference with normal meat-based burgers and has special “Kicks” with it. Raw ASF.

This store has some touching stories, based on its website. RawASF was born out of a difficult period in the life of its owners: Quan Nguyen and Catherine Trinh. Both of them got health issues: Catherine got low blood pressure, a hyperthyroid diagnosis, and Quan got life-threatening heart disease. They’ve decided to be against foods containing animal-based products and acidic, highly-inflammatory meals. After they changed their food habit their health became normal and even could have a baby girl.

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