Which city of unite state has best dish : Vol1 cheese and oil pasta

Pasta, One of the greatest noodles, not just a noodle dish in the world. Pasta does not have a single place of origin: in fact, its use seems to have begun among diverse populations in various parts of the world and then spread worldwide.

Las Vegas, City of gambling and nightlife. San Francisco, City of Golden Gate Bridge, and worriers. New York, Big Apple with Times Square. I have lived and traveled to the greatest cities in the US and am curious about which city has the best modern pasta among those cities.

Here are some of my favorite pastas in this city.


Esther’s Kitchen in Las Vegas

Esther’s Kitchen is one of the Hottest restaurants in the Las Vegas food scene, especially known for Italian and healthy food options.  There are various menu options to choose from, but I started with a cup of white wine.

I ordered one of my favorite cheese pasta “Cacio e Pepe” in this restaurant. Cacio e Pepe is an Italian pasta dish made with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper. It offers a good dose of protein and calcium from cheese. While its ingredients are relatively simple, it should be consumed in moderation due to its higher fat content.

The pasta showcased impeccable color and texture, accompanied by delightful and profound aromas and flavors of cheese and andante pasta. It was a harmonious and satisfying experience.


54 Mint

54 Mint is A modern Italian trattoria tucked into San Francisco’s historic Mint Plaza seems liked inspired by Roman-style Italian cuisine.

I set in the bar area and ordered a glass of Italian white wine. And ordered one of my favorite pasta carbonara. Carbonara pasta is an Italian dish made with eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale, black pepper, and sometimes cream. Its creamy texture and savory flavors make it a popular choice. However, it is relatively high in calories, fat, and cholesterol due to the cheese and guanciale. We recommend adding leaner meats and vegetables to enhance their nutritional value.

The pasta displayed a gorgeous yellow hue, and its taste boasted a rich and creamy texture. I detected robust aromas of cheese, eggs, and Italian bacon, creating a truly outstanding culinary experience.



Ulivo is a Modern Italian restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. Fabio Camardi and chef Emanuel Concas launched Ulivo in 2016 with the desire to research and source the best Italian olive oils, as well as the finest cheeses and cured meats the Italian market has to offer today.

I ordered signature Handmade pasta called “Pici alla Bottarga di Muggine di Cabras

Pici alla Bottarga di Muggine di Cabras is an Italian pasta dish originating from the region of Cabras, Sardinia. It features “pici” pasta, which is a thick, hand-rolled spaghetti-like pasta made from flour and water. The sauce is typically made with bottarga, which is a delicacy made from dried and salted gray mullet fish roe. The bottarga is grated and mixed with olive oil to create a flavorful and unique sauce that complements the pici pasta. It’s a traditional and distinctive dish with a taste of the sea.

It is thick and slightly chewy, while the bottarga sauce brings a unique umami flavor from the dried and salted gray mullet fish roe. And Flavor is unique so you can think this is a very pleasant and special experience while you are tasting.

We’ve traveled three big cities pasta in unite states. If you willing to go travel only for pasta which city you want to go travel ? My pick this time will be New York, Ulivo.  See you in next travel for the healthy, Authentic and delicious food.

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