How do millennials consume food these days?

How do Millennial singles consume food these days?

Millennials, especially single millennials, are huge consumers who lead the trend. Those consumers are paying premiums to save preparation time because they are busy or lazy. Also, they want to spend their time for themselves, if someone likes cooking, that’s great but that is rare/unusual/ the exception.

Many of millennial singles prefer to buy a grab & go product instead of preparing a full dish and buying raw ingredients.  It’s worth noting that the “healthy life” is at the heart of the millennials’ consumption. Interest in alternative meats, organic food ingredients, and restaurant selection standards are changing.

In the US market, single households in the US are growing approximately at 1.5x the rate of normal household growth. So for that, this has caused a lot of change of grocery and food consumption trends. That means maybe I can say families & singles., and also there are millennials who have very strong power in most of the market in the US. From now on we will check how does millennial singles consume food these days.

Who are Millennials?

The Millennial Generation in the U.S. refers to the generation born between 1980-2000 and 1982-2000, which is a powerful generation comparable to the baby boomer, who was born between 1946 and 1965. It surpasses baby boomers in population and dominates the X-generation (Gen X) and Z-generation (Gen Z) generations between baby boomers and millennials.

As of 2020, the Millennial Generation comprises the 20-40-year-old age group and is emerging as a major player in production and consumption. They’re replacing the retirement-age baby boomers who is over 55 years old, to create a new consumer culture.

Time saving”, another key word for millennials. They don’t want to spend time except for those things that they want. The shifts toward ready-to-eat food products and ready-to-drink beverages help save time and offer convenience.

Grab & Go

Grab & Go products are  simple meal that usually prepared in supermarket Deli section. it can be sandwich or Sushi type of meals that prepared by supermarket or 3rd party. It’s easy and also very convenient to eat also “Fresh” cause it’s in the refrigerate isle.


Sushi Grab & Go “

Ready meal  :Frozen & Shelf table 

There are 2 type of ready meal. one is frozen ready meal that usually make it as a frozen, made with protein ,carbs and vegetable. Also other type is ready to cook type rice or noodles you can see in the room temperate isle. Those 2 type of ready to eat meal is very convenient  to eat and it usually have long expiration date so you can just “stack in your home and eat whenever you want” !


RTD Drink 

They go to Wholefoods, Trader Joe not to buy onion, or meat, but to buy grab & go sushi and a frozen ready-to-eat meal for tomorrow’s lunch with ready to drink(RTD Drink) .Before there were limited selection for RTD drink like coffee based drink, but these days there are many options like Soy milk based drink.

Meal Kit 

They also subscribe to meals. But many of them are lazy about cooking. They know “Blue apron” “Hello fresh” or even Amazon launched Meal Kit, but they subscribe full dish & microwave like Freshly.

Freshly offers Fully or Partially cooked Ready to eat meal. Just heat & eat.It’s totally different from Mom’s lunch box but less time consuming.

Snacking :  Healthy snack & Frozen snack 

Single millennials are also interested in snacking. They enjoyed the feeling of crunch and crispy feeling in their mouth. But they are millennials, they don’t just want to be snacking, they want a “healthy snack”


That includes not only real snacks (like chips) but also frozen appetizers are the new phenomenon of the “snacking paradigm,” And it’s quick & less time-consuming.


Bibigo frozen mini wonton. Cooking time is faster than usual potstickers(Dumplings) and price is reasonable in Costco.

Singles only eat outside? Not for millennial singles. They might give up the beauty of cooking, but they can make smart choice to eat faster but deliciously. Not only singles, but also there is new food consumption for millennial moms and dads as well.

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