Millennial fathers shop in the grocery store

When I was a little kid, like ten something, I used to go to the supermarket with Mom. My father usually worked late and rested during the weekend. Grocery shopping was mom and older son’s duty, and also we enjoyed the moment together. I/We experienced the freshness of vegetables, fruit, delicious meats and definitely fish & shrimp as well. I was raised with mom’s cooking, and whenever my mom cooks the dinner, I helped her to prepare the dish.  Now I am in my 30’s. Luckily I got a new title as a husband and “father”. Nowadays, Moms are very important consumers in the grocery market, but we also need to check how millennial fathers shop in the grocery..

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Fathers now they are – some supermarkets experiment with “man-aisles” featuring male-oriented foods. Perspectives might be different from moms compared with fathers. A lot of kids go shopping with their father. They are the new power consumer in the grocery store; also they have great knowledge about food and cooking which is from their picky mother. It is not only for father and mother millennials but also for singles with kids or with their spouse. fathers shopping perceptive may be different in the grocery stores.

The traditional family has been changed. Also many millennials become single moms and dads. That leads to the few changes including : fathers can be, no, fathers are loyal customer in the grocery store with their kids.

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