How I can lose 8 pounds in 12 days with healthy eating

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Diet is painful. Sometimes, we can feel our body become more healthy and energetic if you can adequately manage our Diet. During the holiday season, I ate a lot… really a lot. And then I gain 8 LB in almost a month. Holly molly! And then, like always, I started the new year plan, “Diet.” But This time, I don’t want to use the word Diet. Instead of that, I try to use “Body cleaning with Cleaner eating.

Result of Body cleaning: Lost 8.2 LB in 12 days.

12 days weight change

I want to show proof of my weight change. I usually check my whenever I wake up. One of the reasons is it is the lowest weight in a day. Also, I don’t need to worry about my weight after then.

On day 1, I checked my weight, and I was shocked. It’s 169 Lb, and it’s 4 lb higher than my average weight. It’s undeniable I ate a lot during the holiday season. On that day I started body cleaning & healthy eating. After 12 days, I overachieved my goal. I lost 8.2 Lb in 12 days. It’s a much more excellent result than my expectation.

So, How I could make it here is some tips :

Priority 1.Eat healthily but reduce the carb

Priority 2.Exercise slowly but steady

Priority 3.Sleep well at night !! (Not day time)

Priority 4. Be happy, laugh a lot and no stress

Priority 5. Don’t stop! please keep it going for at least a month

Here are more details you can check

Priority 1.Eat healthily but reduce the carb

I think eating is an essential factor for healthily reducing weight. I said that because “Lost weight” means very different. Our goal is to lose “fat,” not “Muscle.” So what I eat during the 12 days were most likely the same, but I made variances about meat(protein) & veg (salad).

1) Morning: Yogurt drink + Banana + Handcrafted Banana/protein shake

– Protein shake recipe: 500ml~700ml of non-fat/Lactose free Milk + 2 tablespoons of Protein shake + 1 banana + 10 Almonds + 1 table spoon of honey or maple syrup + some ices & water

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: It’s doesn’t necessarily need to drink shake at once, keep some, and whenever you feel hungry, can drink it

–  Drink a cup of coffee

2) Lunch : 2 eggs fried with olive oil or boiled+ 1 bowl of salad + 2-3 sausage or bacon (No hot cake/Fries)

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– Take vitamin / Fish oil after lunch

3) Dinner: Low sodium Chicken breast bake or any backed meat/fish (0.5 LB) + 1 bowl of salad + Mixed whole grain rice

One of Dinner meal during the cleaner eating

Meats: locally produced and antibiotic  

Seafood: Wild-caught seafood

Eggs: Cage-free & Organic egg

Milk: Nonfat or reduced-fat & Lactose-free milk

Carb: Whole grain or gluten-free products

Vegi: Organic or locally produced

And I only have eaten that: no cookies, no coke, no candy or chocolate. Sometimes I ate the fruit, that’s it, but I haven’t felt hungry at all.

Priority 2.Exercise slowly but steady – Get some fresh air every day

If you usually don’t exercise, exercise too much in one day or in a short time is not recommended. Cause you will be bored very soon and you don’t want to do it again.

Me too, I wouldn’t say I like to exercise too much and also exhausted. What I have done was exercise 30 minutes – 1 hr every day slowly but steady.Especiallywhen you decided to start exercise, it’s even more challenging at the beginning.

I changed my mind, and I just started to “get some fresh air” first day. I just went out and walk around near my home for about 10-20 minutes. That’s it, and 2nd day I went out to walk for approximately 20-30 minutes and get some air as well. 3rd day I walk 20 minutes and then slowly ran around 3-4 minutes.

After then, I slowly increase my exercise intensity, but I change to “get some fresh air” and walk around 20 minutes only whenever I feel tired or dull.

There is no sure way for exercise, but try to find your way not to give up and do sth you like outside

Priority 3.Sleep well at night !! (Not day time)

Sleeping at a specific time nicely is good for Diet and good for your physical & mental health.

I love coffee, but as you know, coffee is not suitable for sleeping. But without coffee, I literally can not survive during the working time, especially at work. So I drink coffee after breakfast once. That’s it, and whenever I feel sleepy during the daytime, I go out and take a walk or get a face wash or shower. Usually, after the meal, I feel exhausted, so usually, I go out for a walk after lunch and get a shower right after dinner.

And before sleeping, I listen to calm music and read a book, if I want to sleep. I read very educational but not fun books; it helps.

Priority 4. Laugh more and reduce the stress

You already know “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Yes, it is. Laughing frequently is very good for your health, and it may also help with your diet and make you energetic for your diet.  

I usually watch a comedy show or Youtube clips. My favorite is Jimmy felon, Connan, and SNL, but you can pick whatever you like. Just spend 20-30 minutes for your laughter a day.

Priority 5. Don’t stop! please keep it going for at least a month

For last, make all the above activities as your routine and habit for at least a month. It’s tough to start, but after a month, you will feel it’s not that difficult at all.

After you achieved your goal weight or healthy goal, such as body fat ratio /Mascle level(%), you can enjoy some sweets or fatty food once or twice a week.

But don’t forget to keep checking the weight and body fat ratio /Mascle level(%) frequently to make yourself awake for your healthy.


This is my case and experience and my experience, and everyone’s body is very different so you may need to discuss with a doctor before you start the Diet, I am strongly suggesting that way. but at the same time, healthy eating is not only good for the diet but also good for the body that’s for sure. Try to find the best ways and best healthy food fit to your body and eat healthier and tasty ! that will lead you healthy and maintain your body weight.

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