Make Being Vegan a Reality

Don’t quite understand what being vegan is? Not sure what you can or cannot eat? Wanting to try a vegan diet?

What even is Vegan?

Veganism, also known to be the lifestyle of a person who chooses to exclude all types of animal exploitation and cruelty. This can be done by avoiding animal food produce, animal cruelty free makeup and clothing, and other products. A person could become vegan due to many things such as ethics, improvement of health and/or environmental concerns.

The Brief History of Veganism

November 1 is World Vegan Day, this animal-free holiday began in 1994. This day holds many food festivals such as displaying a range of soymilk and vegan baked goods. It also is a day occupied by the occasion public stunts from the activist Vegans, raising awareness to veganism.

Today’s generation has a higher profile of Veganism than seen in the previous years. You can find thousands of Vegan only restaurants and almost every other restaurant has at least a few vegan and vegetarian options available on their menus to help cater Vegan diet needs. You also find in the more recent years Vegan beauty products and Vegan clothing have popped on the fashion market.


2020 Vegan Trends

Ever heard of Vegan chicken? Vegan cheese? OR ever heard of dairy-free ice-cream?

As our generation grows older, our world innovates.


KFC’s New Beyond Fried chicken with plant based chicken

Veganism had a great run of 2019, by getting included in many major fast food restaurants such as Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, Burger King and of course the greatest shocker KFC! 2020 is believed to become bigger and better for the vegan society. A lot more plant-based plates will appear on menus, in delicious and innovative ways.

Up until now, most plant-based meats have been soy based, sometimes with wheat or other grains.  Some contain heavy ingredients like seitan, (hydrated glute). Many Americans avoid soy and gluten for health reasons, so Beyond Meat’s successful recipe is much more appealing because it is made of rice protein, beet juice and apple extract, and canola and coconut oil. Its texture is second to none and many people who were tested could not tell the difference between their burger and a regular beef burger.  

The top 5 trends and products of 2020 are:

1.Plant-Based Chicken & Meats

Raised & Rooted’s Plant based chicken nuggets

From KFC first out-bringing to beyond chicken, competitors are now fighting for the spotlight. There have been many recipes to make your own plant-based chicken, but none resemble and taste as much like chicken as beyond chicken. You can also get packaged vegan chicken that you can fry at home made by the company, Tyson Foods.

2.Oat-Based Meats

Oat based hamburger patty

Oats have now debuted; they’re into plant-based meat dishes, such as oat patty burgers and vegan meatballs. The reasons being why oats are so popular in these types of recipes is due to its meat-like texture, and its ability to take on all kinds of flavors.

3.Vegan Eggs


Just’s plant based egg

Vegg Plant based egg york

Eggs are practically a staple to most recipes out there. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll love these vegan eggs. Typically made from Algal flour, you can also try making eggs with mashed bananas or flax seeds mixed with water.


4.Dairy-Free Ice-Creams

            Ben & Jerry’s Non dairy pint


 Arctic Zero Non Dairy Ice cream

Who would’ve thought of a dairy-free version of a dairy indulged dessert? Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream, a major distributor of their delicious ice-creams, have now created scrumptious non-dairy flavoured ice-cream.

5.Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco friendly packages

Due to harmful and unnecessary packaging that can end up polluting the sea and land, it makes sense to put the world back together bit by bit. You’ll find most major grocery stores like Coles, Woolworths, Kmart and Big W. There is many other eco-friendly packaging such as reusable coffee cups, eco-friendly food containers and biodegradable cardboard and plastics.

In summary,

Veganism isn’t just about what foods you put inside your own body but what provides life to the earth, clear waters and skies.

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