8 Healthy food key words in 2020

How can I live long and healthy? Maybe it’s everybody’s wish. How to live long and healthy can be very simple in some ways. High-quality sleep, level of exercise that doesn’t harm the body, and eating healthy food that fits your body. We sleep eight hours per day, exercise for an hour, and include preparation time three hours eating per day. These three habits are responsible for a healthy life.
Especially, eating food is the longest repetitive daily routine except sleeping. If people eat three hours a day, 365 days a year, a totally 109,500 hours will be spent on eating when they live for 100 years. The habit of eating delicious and healthy is essential.
Based on data from Datascential, we selected eight Health food key words that show the highest growth rate from restaurant menus that reflect the latest most recent food trends. Why don’t you have a more pleasant and healthy meal with “New  & Health” below trends in a daily recurring meal?

We will review detail one by one later, but most HOT 2 keywords are “Cage free” and “Antibiotic. “Cage Free increased by 124.6%, and “Antibiotic” increased by 127.8% and became more popular not only food service but also retail as well.

And “Vegan” increased by 97.1%, and “Protein” increased by 56.1%, and both of 2 keywords are also related to plant-based meat trends as well. Digestion keywords  “Gluten-free” and “Dairy-free” growth by 54.5% and ” 68%, “Hormone,” and  Sustainable” increased by 69.0% and 49.8%.

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