Mac & Cheese: Origin, History and healthy options

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Mac and cheese. it’s a common noodle dish you can easily make and eat. But did you know Mac & Cheese is actually one kind of fancy Pasta dish? also, don’t consider Mac & Cheese is just a cheap dish! you can make Mac & cheese healthier and tasty with few fresh ingredients. Try it out today.

Origin and discovery of macaroni

It’s hard to separate the history of macaroni from the history of pasta. The pasta was imported to Italy by Marco Polo after his trip to China in the 12th century, Italians maintain that pasta was already known to Roman peoples long before Marco Polo’s travel. Initially, macaroni was eaten plain, salted, or with cheese. With the evolution of culinary art and cooking methods, many recipes appeared to embellish this pasta dish. We can talk about the Bolognese sauce, born in the Italian city of Bologna, for example. 

The first pasta factory that made macaroni opened in Naples at the beginning of the 18th century. It is thanks to it that the marketing of macaroni has crossed borders. Over the years, the whole of Europe and even the North African countries conquered by this type of pasta. Nowadays, macaroni is still the best-selling pasta. 

Macaroni and cheese in England 

The first recipe for this dish was included in the kitchen by the writer Elizabeth Raffald in her 1769 book “The Experienced French Housekeeper.” Raffald’s consists of a cheddar béchamel, mixed with macaroni, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and baked in the oven until bubbly and golden brown.

Macaroni and cheese  in US

 We don’t know the exact origin of macaroni and cheese, but the oldest known recipe dates back to 1769! (And yes, before the burger!) 

First, macaroni and cheese originated as a casserole that made its appearance in colonial America at a New England church dinner.

 In southeastern Connecticut, it was long ago known as macaroni pudding and probably came from “recipes,” passed down from English parents. This dish was mainly reserved for the upper classes until the industrial revolution made pasta production easier.

 Legend said that the American president Thomas Jefferson discovered these pasta and cheese dishes in Europe before bringing them back to the White House in 1802.

In 1937, the Kraft Foods brand marketed its famous blue boxes of mac and cheese to prepare in a few minutes.  And they made Mac & Cheese as a US national product. Currently, they have various shelf-table Mac & cheese options include “Mac & cheese original,” “Mac and Cheese Deluxe,” and Microwavable cup options as well.

Kraft’s Mac & Cheese

 Honestly, the orange cheddar “taste” powder didn’t contain one gram of it! That didn’t stop Mac & Cheese from becoming the favorite dish of Americans.   

Real homemade mac and cheese served on Thanksgiving tables, but it quickly became a dish to be eaten whenever you feel like it! 

Can we eat Mac & Cheese healthier?

As you know, Mac & Cheese is very high calories include high carb and fat. But it’s delicious pretty much. So how can we eat this delicious dish healthier?

1) With  Cauliflower

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 : Cauliflower has high protein and fiber compared with other vegetables. Also, it tastes excellent and well-matched with Mac & Cheese. Even Kraft made a  Cauliflower Mac & Cheese option to try their product or cook with few recipes by yourself.

2) With Jalapeño and Scallions

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: Personally Scallion is one of my favorite vegetable and it has a lot of benefits include Prevents infections and Protects your body. Jalapeños are rich in vitamins A and C and potassium. They also have carotene an antioxidant that may help fight damage to your cells – as well as folate, vitamin K, and B vitamins.

A Sautéed fresh jalapeños and scallions bring a little Southwestern kick to the classic mac and cheese. Here is some recipes options.


Macaroni and cheese is excellent all-purpose food. Regardless of your age, macaroni and cheese fills your guts and eases the soul. Nothing better than a warm bowl of Macaroni or Pasta with melted cheese with all its gooey bite that can make anyone smile.

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