Generation Z’s Favorite Food and Trend

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These days generation Z become a w key food consumer group to lead the food trend with Millennials. Let’s check what is their food options & preferences, ideals, and what they want in their food life.

What Does Generation Z Want from Their Food?

Generation Z refers to the group of people’s currently aged between 16 and 25; there is no concrete evidence to show what this generation’s food-related habits and behaviors are, although there is some evidence that shows Gen Z’s are typically opting for what can be classed as a convenient diet, with more of an eat when you want to approach, and traditional mealtimes having lost their appeal.

Evidence shows that obesity and the consumption of alcohol being consumed by Gen Z are falling, with current research also demonstrating no real increase or decrease in veganism or vegetarianism compared to millennials.

Food options and preference

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A survey conducted by the American Egg Board shows Gen Z expect their food to be fresh and are far more likely to opt for a “flexible diet.” This is a diet based around vegetables with a protein added such as eggs or chicken (include cage-free) .

The survey also showed that Gen Z consumers are integrating vegetarian options into their diets but aren’t going the whole way and becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Gen Z appears to want quick and easy food, with many of them opting to prepare food using the microwave and stove for convenience.

Snack foods and appetizers are also popular, as does experimenting with flavors with many Gen Z’s choosing spicy foods such as Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, African, and plant-based foods. It was also found that Gen Z is willing to pay more for good quality food with budget or low-cost food seen as a social stigma!

Therefore if you want to capture Gen Z’s interests, you need high-quality, flavorsome, diverse, convenient, quick, and easy food to prepare.

Gen Z’s ideals

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Gen Z does appear to share the concerns of the rest of the population. Still, evidence would also suggest that they are more socially aware and have a tremendous sense of social responsibility; for example, gender equality,  diversity, and LGBT equality are hugely important to  Gen Z  more than previous generations.

Gen Z also seems to be the most significant users of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and they rely on these platforms for information. In-fact Gen Z is very reliant on technology and will choose to view a menu online or on Facebook before even entering a restaurant; they are more likely to give reviews and take pictures of their food to post them on social media.

With this in mind, Gen Z’s look for restaurants that have an online presence, an active online presence, and pretty pictures will bring Gen Z to your restaurant!

Generation Z wants transparency on the menu; they want to see the ingredients and know what they are eating. They are attracted to restaurants that use organic and sustainable produce.

What do Gen Z’s want?

According to a survey conducted by Technomic’s new College and University, around 42% of Gen Zers want to see street food on restaurant menus and prefer to eat chicken, not beef, which seems to be classed by Gen Z as a lump of negative meat to eat.

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Gen Z also likes food served up in bowls – which look enticing and easy to eat – acai bowls being trendy and burrito bowls.

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Generation Z is trendy and wants their food to be modern and are far more likely to try new food in a restaurant if it looks good and is trending.

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Gen Z loves a take-out after a night out, with a love of street food and fast foods, seeing them queuing to eat after a night out with friends.

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Gen Z seems to opt for the grab and go approach and will prefer to sit on the outdoor seating with their food, rather than sitting in the restaurant. They also prefer take-out and dinner on the couch!

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Ref: Technomic’s new College and University Report 2019/ The food institute 2020

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