Best vegan burger and fries in the New York City: By Chloe

Midtown Manhattan, the busiest place in New York City before the pandemic. But now it’s getting back to normal.

We heard a famous kind of vegan fast serving restaurant renowned for healthy vegan burgers and Salad named “By Chloe.” “By Chloe” is a 100% Plant-based + vegan restaurant with locations in NYC, Boston, LA, Europe, and Canada. It’s vegan but so famous for ordinary New Yorkers as well.

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When I entered, it’s a tiny space, but I can see vivid music with a nicely designed interior. It doesn’t look like a typical fast-food restaurant and looks like a regular casual dining restaurant.

If you think about a vegan restaurant, you may think Salad or vegan bowl. But here, there are so many different menu options burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and beverages.  

There is a beverage section at the corner, So you can have canned and bottled beverages if you want.

I ordered a signature Burger called the Guac Burger combo; It’s the Black bean, Quinoa, and sweet potato patty with Guac, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Corn salsa, Chipotle aioli, and whole-grain burn; you can also choose a Gluten-free option.

I also ordered the original potato and sweet potato fries half and half option. For beverage, I choose signature pineapple ginger lemonade.

For the original potato and sweet potato fries, fries are just ordinary, but it’s good to have both fries at once. Also, they gave me two different kinds of sauces, and those sauces are unique! It’s a little sweet and has a few beats and maybe turmeric flavor. It’ even pretty when I eat fries with sauces.

For the burger, I can say this is the best vegan burger in my life. The only burger itself, I can say top 10 picks in New York City and no.1 vegan option. Patty feels fresh and chewy, salsa, crunch tortilla, a little bit of guacamole flavor is well balanced.

Both burgers and fries are not heavy at all, but pineapple ginger lemonade was an excellent choice to refresh my taste and well-matched with both dishes.

In conclusion, I can say What a delight! Space was nicely decorated – it felt calming yet relaxed. The menu gave me plenty of offerings to choose from, even having to eat gluten-free. And food, especially sauces and foods were great!

If you are vegan, even you are not, I think you should visit here when you visit!

[This is not commercial, we paid and bought with our own cash and review with our own opinion]



by CHLOE. – Flatiron

Address : 60 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Phone(212) 290-8000

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